The Datu. The Fishermen and the Star

Templong Anituhan ng Luntiang Aghama

This is the Message for us by our #KapwaTarot this new moon of 9 September 2018.

To be seated in power you must learn how to rule your self before ruling out our community. Become a Master of our own selves before becoming a Master of many people. This is what the Datu is teaching us. To trust our own selves and promote peace.

There is strength in Unity is what the firshermen is teaching us. There are many fish that they caught on their net and they need strength to pull up the fishes. Know your strength. Determine your weaknesses and strengthen. Pull dont give up. Rest for a while and gather all your strength and ater that you will be rewarded with honor and glory as the Stars is showing to us.

Shine in the midst of darkness. Be the guide at night. This is what the Stars…

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Having a stronghold of our Future.

Are you worry about what will happen tomorrow? This video will talk about having a stronghold on your Future. As members of Luntiang Aghama we do not rely on come what may. We are in control of what will happen in our Future. What the entire video to learn more.

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Thank you and may you all Blessed Be Peace!

My Nanay is now my Gabay

It is difficult to accept that death had come suddenly. But in fact i already accepted this long time ago but i was still in shock because it quickly came. This video is about what i learn during the wake of my nanay. After her 40 days i watch out for the whole story as i will film it on my Vlog how death has come to pick up my mom.

What is inside your Heart?

Out of the fullness of our heart the mouth speaks.

What is inside our heart? and what Emotions does it represent?

The Heart usually is a symbol of love. And most people use the symbol of heart to express the ideas about love. But did you know that out of the fullness of our heart, the mouth speaks?

We identify a person when they are in love. They always talk about or speak about the person whom they admire. But if we hear bad words from the mouth of a person we usually also see the content of their heart. So be careful of what you speak out in your mouth because it shows the content of your heart.

If always bad words that comes out of your mouth it means there is something wrong within our body and it need to be removed.

All of us has our inner goodness or kindness and it should govern all our body constitution. By having bad words spoken out in our mouth, it also corrupts our heart that also affects our soul and affects our life. If we feel bad to our selves, if we have some hatred being rared or taking care inside our heart, it will just ruined our entire life. And every action, bad actions, that you do it will come back to you multiple times.

In order to prevent the bad vibes or the bad heart and by saying the bad words we have to discipline our selves. To cling on to the power of love, to make peace by Praying for Peace.

Insecurities, intimidation and all forms of jealousy, enviousness, and hatred will just ruin us into destruction.

The reason why we have PEACE PRAYER TV (Peace Prayer Interfaith Ministry) is to counteract or to balance the online social media with positive energies with the energies of Peace and not ruin the whole world with the Negative thoughts that people are creating everyday at Social Media.

As an Individual user of the Social Media Applications (Youtube, WordPress, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.) we often see everyday some negative dose on our timeline and it is not healthy for us to be fed up with negative energies. it is like everyday we are drinking poisons to our body.

So what we must do right now is to embrace our selves with love and peace from the Divine.

Focus on our life on how to live without damaging or controlling any persons at all. But instead fill our selves with the Divine Love and let it fill our entire being.

As we are being filled up with this energy of Love and Peace, we can overflow it. We let it flow. and let other be touched by the Love that we have.


Luntiang Aghama is on Oro Broadcasting Network

It’s Holy Tuesday by 12 Noon, i recieved a call from Sean Sulungan who is a Broadcaster of Oro Broadcasting Network which is a local Online Radio Station in Cagayan De Oro City that is in Mindanao, Philippines. In this broadcast Apu Adman talk about Paganism in the Philippines and our work as an Ordained Priest of the Correllian Nativist Church of Wiccan in our Country.

Catholic Universalist Priest interviews a Pagan/ Wiccan Priest

In our effort to reach out people through an Interfaith Initiative, Fr. Joe- The Heretic Priest or Rev. Joseph Lagumbay a Priest of Catholic Universalist Church of Asia Pacific made a Phone call early this morning for his Blog Post in Facebook. It was indeed an Interfaith movement that a Catholic Priest chit chatting with a Wiccan Priest sharing their knowledge and expertise on the ministry.

Get to know about Fr. Joe ministry by visiting his facebook page at